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Micah Wilson

iOS & Android Developer

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I started developing apps in 2010 and have continued developing for iOS since. I’ve developed an assortment of apps over the years and I have enjoyed developing for iOS and recently Android. Last year I won 1st place in the BYU Mobile App competition with my app called Journey. Combined my apps have received hundreds of thousands of downloads through the Apple App Store.

I currently live in Salt Lake City Utah with my wife Sydney. When I'm not programming I like to play basketball and tennis. I also like to watch a good TV series if you have any recomendations.

Latest Projects


Journal Your Story

Journal Your Story is a journal app that allows you to journal about anything you want. Journaling can be difficult for a few reasons, including not knowing what to write and having no time to sit down and write a whole page about how your day went. That is where Your Story comes into play. Your Story gives you the simplicity of journaling whatever you want in only a few seconds.

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Random Master

Alta Tech - Random Master

This is a great utility for choosing random numbers or items from a list! Put some randomness and spontaneity in your life with Random Master.

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Work Experience

Sr. iOS Engineer- Skip Inc. (2016 - Present)

I’m currently the Sr. iOS/Android Engineer at Skip. We have a mobile checkout app written in Swift (iOS) and Kotlin/Java (Android) with a backend written in Elixir. I’m the sole front-end engineer and have been able to produce 3 very stable and high rated applications.

iOS Engineer - Red Pepper (2015 - 2016)

I did contract work for Red Pepper working on apps for Auto Source Na- tion (car rebuilders) and an app for REAL Salt Lake. I was able to adapt to different coding styles while working on existing projects. I worked with various 3rd party libraries including AlamoFire, Eureka, Argo, Reac- tiveCocoa, through Cocoapods and Carthage.

iOS Engineer - Missionary Training Center (2014 - 2016)

iOS Developer at the Missionary Training Center in Provo UT. I Worked on TALL (Technology Assisted Language Learning) Apps. I collaborated with 7 other developers working with a server parsing JSON language data, Core Data, XCTest, etc.